Our mission statement, one minute elevator speech, focus and reminder is that we partner with business professionals to help them better manage their business.   We problem solve with you to find the right solutions – then help implement them.

Feedback I’ve gotten from our clients is how valuable that is.  Having someone to talk things over with, someone who knows your business and has a vested interest in it succeeding.   Having someone who will listen, ask questions and maybe pass on suggestions other clients have used successfully.

Being a solopreneur is hard and sometimes lonely.   Not knowing what solutions are available to some of your problems and definitely not having the time to look into them properly. And IF you did find a solution, would you have the time to implement the new program?

Recent example –  We use the program Asana for project management.   I have a client that was sending a lot of projects so I created a specific board for her projects and asked her if she would like to be added.   She said yes and after a couple of training sessions, she LOVED it.   Her response was “You are going to be sorry you got me started on this!”     But she also has 2 other VAs and was able to incorporate them into the project management board.   Her projects are so much better organized now.  

When starting My Virtual Assistant Pro in 2011 I knew helping people with their admin projects would be beneficial, but I had no idea how it would branch out into other areas. 

Are you overwhelmed and not sure what to do next?   

Let me know if we can help!


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