We recently did a kitchen remodel –  Cabinets repainted, new countertops and backsplash.   We chose to do it in 3 stages and it worked out great for us. 

Having the contractor tell us what to expect was so valuable.   Sometimes we do things so often we forget what it’s like to not know what to expect.  Having our cabinets painted was a good reminder that we may need to be told things multiple times (or in writing is even better).  For example – we knew we wouldn’t have use of our cabinets but didn’t realize we couldn’t get to our clean dishes in the dishwasher – or our sink.   Everything was covered and sealed.

Gentle follow-up is also critical.  One contractor lost our business because he gave us too much information and completely different from what I asked for.  He also didn’t follow-up to see if we had any questions or need anything explained.   It was so overwhelming we didn’t do anything!  

What I learned through that project that I can apply to my business:

  •  Too much information can be paralyzing.  We don’t have to give all our information at one time.
  • Good questions – good listening – offer a few suggestions and follow-up questions are very helpful.
  • It’s OK to do things in stages.  Working with new clients to start slow and build up can be exactly what they need to feel comfortable and confident in the relationship.