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The average time spent on your website is 15 seconds and an opinion is formed in less than 1 second! That is not much time to make a good first impression. Is your website up to date, cohesive with your company branding and a good representation of your company so that when people visit your site, you immediately make an awesome first impression? If not, let us help!


What you also get when we design your website!


  • We will send you mock-ups for each page we are designing for you to review. Once you have looked over the mock-ups, you can send us back your 1 round of edits.
  • We will ensure your site is both appealing and professional by implementing all of your current branding in your gorgeous new site.
  • Confidence that your new website is in good hands with our web design team!

So you think you would like to use our services but aren't sure what to do next.....

We start with a discovery call.  If you are interested you can call Denise @ 803-324-9844 or email Denise@MyVaPro.com to set this up.

During the discovery call, we talk through what you would like to accomplish, what your frustrations are and how we may be able to help.

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