Have you ever read someone’s expert tips to get and stay organized, tried to follow them and it doesn’t work?

Have you ever spent money on cool organizational supplies and tools and they still sit unused?

Do you know when your most productive times of day are?   We are all different and should be able to capitalize on our most productive times of day.   Knowing this should make organizing your work much easier.  Put important projects or top customers in those time slots.

Stop working against your natural productive times.  Once you know your most productive work time, you’ll be able to see your least productive work times.   Plan easy tasks for your least productive times or plan a break during that time to rest your mind.

Prioritize and plan today so you are prepared to work during your peak productive times tomorrow.  Use your calendar to map out your day and use this method:  most important, most focused work in the time of day you are most energized and something you enjoy in the time of day you feel sluggish.  Or walk away from your desk (if you have that flexibility) during the sluggish time and then go back after an hour.   You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish

My most productive time of day is early mornings and mid-to-late afternoons.   I plan most of my workday in the early day – from 7:00 am to noon.   Early afternoon is my least productive time of day, so I might schedule some training that I enjoy.  I may even schedule a call with a client, or a client visit at that time of day if I want to push through and accomplish more.

Be realistic in giving yourself enough time to make progress on a big project – or a big change.  It will take time to make this system work right for you.  Keep at it and make adjustments as you go.  Celebrate your wins along the way!

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