So many business owners start with good intentions on keeping on top of everything.  Then one thing leads to another and something has to give.   Bookkeeping, taxes, financials…. Quite often those are the things that go to the back burner.   Sound familiar?     Here are some benefits of regular bookkeeping:

  • Staying on top of your income and expenses.  Who can remember 2 weeks ago, let alone 6 months ago?  
  • Being able to project future income
  • Seeing repeat slow periods helps you market better
  • Getting quarterly reports and previous year comparisons so you know how you’re really doing
  • Knowing your bottom line – net profit
  • Seeing expenses by category or vendor helps you in cost cutting efforts
  • Most of the time we charge $35 per statement per month
  • Your accountant will love you!

Sound like something you should be doing?   Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss whether this is a good option for you.   

Denise Harenda

My Virtual Assistant Pro