Send us your bank and credit card statements each month and we’ll either use your QB Online or our desktop version to enter, categorize and reconcile your financials.   Don’t worry – even if we use our software, they are still YOUR books. We are just organizing them and getting them in order. Think how much easier tax time will be!

  • Statements only (up to 100 transactions) – $35 each
  • Statements and receipts (up to 100 transactions ) – $70 each
  • For statements over 100 transactions, we will work through 1 month and give you a monthly price at that time.


  • 2-10 hours per week –  We work to find the best fit for you (both work and budget wise) and stick to that number giving you dedicated office support on your priority items.   $30/hour
  • Project work –   We work with you on an as needed basis and work you in around our regularly scheduled clients.   We won’t agree to help you unless we know we can, so we won’t leave you hanging on an important deadline.   $35/hour – you purchase 10 hours of work and have 2 months to use those hours.

Experience more productivity, efficiency and less stress.

  • Discovery Call

    This phone call is our introduction. It’s a chance for us to learn about your business, what administrative support looks like to you, and to understand your frustrations.

  • Meet In Person

    If it looks like a good and realistic possibility on both sides, we’ll set up a time to meet so we can discuss a game plan. We’ll ask you to answer some questions that will help create a game plan. You have options – whether it’s with us or not. If we both agree it would be a good partnership, we’ll set up the terms and move forward.

  • Create a Plan

    Once we’ve learned about your strengths, weaknesses, and project workload, we will create a plan to tackle it. We’ll exchange any necessary information such as login credentials, third party contact information, etc.

  • Relax

    At this point, you get to relax! We’ve got our gameplan solidified and I’ll get to work.

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