We know we are going to make mistakes.  So why does it bother some so much when we make them?  

What bothers me most is when I make a mistake more than once!  Making mistakes and learning from them is beneficial.   Making mistakes more than once is frustrating – at least to me!

After making a mistake I try to take a few minutes to figure out why – this would be AFTER I criticize myself for the mistake.   Was I in a hurry?   Was there missing information?  Maybe I didn’t completely understand the task.

I also apologize for the mistake, take ownership and try not to give excuses or blame anyone (even if I was not given all the information needed to complete the job well).  If necessary, I also let the client know what I’ve done to keep this from happening again.  I check/update my procedures, create a procedure, flag email, etc.

A big help for not making mistakes is taking a few minutes to look over the project or email before sending or completing.

Stop hurrying!   Even waiting a few hours or a day when it is a large project, then looking it over with fresh eyes before completing.   Hurrying is my biggest issue.  A few months ago I handwrote a note and taped it to my computer monitor.   “Work hard to serve your clients well.”  That reminds me to take some time to review things before finishing.  

How do you handle mistakes?    As solopreneurs, there are so many tasks and things that demand your attention, it’s almost impossible not to hurry through.  And forget finishing everything (or anything) on time, answering all email, returning phone calls… you get the picture.

I enjoy talking with entrepreneurs, hearing their stories and helping find solutions that work best for them.

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