We problem solve with you to find the right solutions to your administrative needs – then help implement them.

Here are some of the administrative services we offer. Need help with something not on our list? No problem! We have over 30 years of experience in administrative roles so more likely than not, we will be able to help.

  • Edit and proofread documents
  • Mailings
  • Research
  • Problem solve/find solutions
  • Check voicemail and return calls
  • Collect, check & track information
  • Regularly check information for accuracy
  • Other administrative jobs you need
  • Email management
  • Email campaigns
  • Graphic design work (create flyers, newsletters, proposals etc..)
  • Create landing page for event/classes
  • Create Google Forms to collect information
  • Create and maintain spreadsheets
  • Social media posting/scheduling

Online Business Manager/Project Management Services

  • Keep workflow moving
  • Create processes for similar tasks (social media/classes/etc) for efficient completion
  • Communication – email or call for answers on your behalf so we can move forward
  • Follow-up – being able to check back with people so the task doesn’t get forgotten or the process bottlenecked
  • Help client stay focused
  • Write procedures

These services are only available with the 15 and 20 hr packages.













Up to 10 hours

  • 10 hours guaranteed monthly ($350/month)
  • All hours over 10, where time permits will be billed at $35/hr

Up to 15 hours

  • 15 hours guaranteed monthly ($525/month)
  • All hours over 15, where time permits will be billed at $35/hr

Up to 20 hours

  • 20 hours guaranteed monthly ($700/month)
  • All hours over 20, where time permits will be billed at $33/hr

Packages are set, paid and then re-evaluated every 6 months to determine if adjustments in hours need to be made.

So you think you would like to use our services but aren't sure what to do next.....

We start with a discovery call.  If you are interested you can call Denise @ 803-324-9844 or email to set this up.

During the discovery call, we talk through what you would like to accomplish, what your frustrations are and how we may be able to help.

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