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Time Management and Naturally Productive Times of Day

Have you ever read someone’s expert tips to get and stay organized, tried to follow them and it doesn’t work?

Have you ever spent money on cool organizational supplies and tools and they still sit unused?

Do you know when your most productive times of day are?   We are all different and should be able to capitalize on our most productive times of day.   Knowing this should make organizing your work much easier.  Put important projects or top customers in those time slots.

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4 Tips to Make Tax Time Less Stressful as a Small Business Owner

1. Save – Save – Save   You know you need to save your receipts, and if you don’t already – START NOW.   Put a large envelope in your car if you travel a lot for business and put your receipts in there.    Have a folder for each month of the year and add your receipts, bank statements (for every business account), business credit card statements, PayPal/Wave/Venmo statements, as well as other ways you send or receive money, check stubs, deposit info, etc. 

 If you get audited and you don’t have the receipt to prove what you’ve purchased, the IRS will not allow you to claim that expense.    Just a credit card statement is not proof of what you bought.   Specifically, the IRS website says

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Why We Choose QuickBooks For Bookkeeping

There are many things to consider when trying to decide on what program to use for your bookkeeping.  Whether you plan to keep your own financials or use someone, you should understand a little about how these programs work.  We use and love QuickBooks so I’m going to talk about the QuickBooks program.  QuickBooks has a desktop and online versions.  Which is a better option?

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Working With a Virtual Assistant Is Like Having a Business Partner

Our mission statement, one minute elevator speech, focus and reminder is that we partner with business professionals to help them better manage their business.   We problem solve with you to find the right solutions – then help implement them.

Feedback I’ve gotten from our clients is how valuable that is.  Having someone to talk things over with, someone who knows your business and has a vested interest in it succeeding.   Having someone who will listen, ask questions and maybe pass on suggestions other clients have used successfully.

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What COVID-19 Has Taught Me As a Business Owner

Here it is August of 2020 and we have no idea how long we’ll be dealing with COVID-19.   Our business has taken a hit, but we are hoping late 3rd and 4th quarter will be strong.

As I’ve reflected on the last 5 months, there are so many things I’ve learned.  Here are just a few:

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Doing It All Doesn’t Work (But you already knew that)

I Googled small business frustrations and over 24M results popped up.  You don’t need someone to tell you there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.  You don’t even need someone to tell you it doesn’t work to do it all.  But how do you change it?

You have options.   Let me say that again – You have options.  Do you know what they are?   Do you know what your biggest need is? Do you know where to start?

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What Planning a Kitchen Remodel Taught Me About Business

We recently did a kitchen remodel –  Cabinets repainted, new countertops and backsplash.   We chose to do it in 3 stages and it worked out great for us. 

Having the contractor tell us what to expect was so valuable.   Sometimes we do things so often we forget what it’s like to not know what to expect.  Having our cabinets painted was a good reminder that we may need to be told things multiple times (or in writing is even better).  For example – we knew we wouldn’t have use of our cabinets but didn’t realize we couldn’t get to our clean dishes in the dishwasher – or our sink.   Everything was covered and sealed.

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Doing What You Love

Most entrepreneurs start their business doing something they love, something they are good at.    Students go to college to learn how to do something they love or at least really enjoy and will be paid for.  Adults level up in the job market to make more money, work with a better company or do something they’re going to like more.  Sometimes there is a passion that fuels that job.

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The Benefits of Regular Bookkeeping

So many business owners start with good intentions on keeping on top of everything.  Then one thing leads to another and something has to give.   Bookkeeping, taxes, financials…. Quite often those are the things that go to the back burner.   Sound familiar?     Here are some benefits of regular bookkeeping:

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Time Management Tip

Time Management Tip:

Limit your email updates. Checking your email every 5-10 minutes can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Set specific times of the day to check your email, and stick to them!

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